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Residential Locksmith Serving Sherman Oaks and Los Angeles

Being a Reputed Locksmith Currently we are servicing Woodland Hills, Reseda, Sherman Oaks, Northridge, Simi Valley, Thousand Oaks, Encino, Calabasas and Tarzana.

The safety of your home is one of the most important things you can do. Keeping your hard earned property and your family safe is something that we take seriously. At Global Lock and Key, we make it our mission to provide you with fast, efficient services that will ensure the safety of your home.

Our locksmith are licensed and bonded and offer services in and around in Woodland HillsResedaNorthridgeSherman OaksSimi ValleyThousand OaksEncinoCalabasasTarzana. We are a reputable company with a proven track record of success. We will come out and assess your lock and security needs and find the right combination of products and services for you. Your first line of defense against a thief is the type of lock that is used to protect your home. Many home owners think a single door lock is enough to prevent thieves and ultimately fall victim to robbery. Investing in a strong and sound lock system may seem like a huge expense, but in the long run it could make the difference between losing thousands of dollars, or even your life.


A home with locks by a residential locksmith serving Sherman Oaks, CA

Global Lock and Key will not only outfit your home with the latest lock and security systems, but we will also teach you a few tricks that will help thwart unwanted entries such as:

  • Don’t leave your important belongings and paperwork in plain view of any window
  • Don’t leave your keys on the entry way table or shelf
  • Keep porches and entryway lit at night

If you are looking for a reputed residential locksmith in and around Woodland HillsResedaSherman OaksNorthridgeSimi ValleyThousand OaksEncinoCalabasas and Tarzana, we can be our right pick for you. By calling on us, you are taking the first steps to a safe home. We provide 24/7 lockouts, re-keys, new deadbolt installations, CCTV and alarm installation and safes. The list of services goes on and on. Our customers benefit from having a fully mobile locksmith at their disposal. Our mobile team is outfitted with every tool and material needed to do the job any locksmith store front could do, only better! We can get to you quickly and make sure you and your home are safe. We offer competitive rates and packages for every budget.

Don’t be fooled by amateur locksmiths or fraudulent ones! You never know who is out there and what type of business they are conducting. You may think you are saving money, but they could turn out to be crooks; and what is worse they will have access to your home! Each and every one of our technicians is licensed and bonded. They are rigorlously trained in the art of locksmithing and hold their customer’s safety and privacy sacred. Unfortunately in these uncertain times we are living in, you can’t always know who you are doing business with or if they can be trusted to do the job right. With Global Lock and Key, you can be 100% confident that your needs will be met and your home will be secure!

You can count on:

  • 24/7 mobile assistance
  • Licensed and bonded
  • Trustworthy and honest

    Successfully service for our customers is the KEY to our success!