Avoid Loading your Car Ignition with Extra Keys


Why Should you Avoid Loading your Car Ignition with Extra Keys

At times, even the smallest of items can cause major problems and anyone who has been told that their car ignition has failed because of the keychain they have been using, will understand this very well. Our car ignition depends on a lot of things, but one aspect that usually goes unnoticed is the key that we use to start the ignition. Unfortunately, there are some among us who have a tendency of misplacing keys and we tend to keep them all in the same key ring.

While it is alright to keep the house keys and other keys together, avoid including the car ignition key in the same ring.

The reason is that, the heavier the key ring is, the greater pressure it exerts on the ignition panel within. While all might seem normal from the outside, with prolonged practice, the tumblers inside start corroding. One of the earliest symptoms of the problem is when you have to wriggle the car ignition to get the car started, or when you have to turn the ignition repeatedly to start the car. At times, the ignition might simply break down and you might be stranded in the middle of nowhere. The car keys might break and the broken end might remain embedded inside the ignition.

In case of such contingencies, it is advisable to give a call to an emergency auto locksmith. Another sign that your key is going a lot of unnecessary abrasion is if you see scratches on the key surface or if it looks chipped. An emergency locksmith in Northridge is on duty round the clock and as soon as you place a call, they will try and reach you in whichever area you might be in. They can help you with getting your car started and will also help you with providing alternate keys if required. Once you get the alternate keys, take your car to a mechanic and repair the tumblers inside the ignition and try to keep only the ignition key on the ring.

According to the experts, the car ignition can take the weight of up to nine keys at a time, but this might vary from vehicle to vehicle. Also, some tend to use ornamental or fancy key rings as accessories and they too might be quite heavy at times. So try and keep your car ignition key ring light, and contact 24 hour emergency locksmith for any difficulties.


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