Prevent Break-Ins and Protect your Family from Burglars


Top 10 Simple Ways to Prevent Break-Ins

Burglary and break-ins is a crime which means illegally entering to a building. It is one of the most common and frequent crimes that happen all over the world. According to statistics a break -in happens in every fifteen minutes. With so many securities in our cities still these crimes are increasing day by day. When it happens it leaves behind a deep trauma to your family. To stop this we have to take some preventative measures.

Following are the top 10 tips that can help in prevent break-ins and will protect your family

  • This crime happen maximum when there is nobody in the house. To keep the intruders away, you need to be clever and should use your common sense. The intruders sometimes call to your no, to check if there is someone in the house. You should always divert the no in your cell phone.
  • When you are going for a long holiday make sure not to stop the newspaper and other delivery. In that case you can ask your neighbor to keep it with them till the time you arrive. This will give the signal to the burglar that somebody is there.
  • Use automatic light timers. These are very useful if you are going for a long vacation. Set the timers in such a way which can follow your house lightning patterns. With this everyone will think that someone is there in the house.
  • Sometimes we become callous and leave our doors and windows unlocked, which becomes an easy access for the burglars. And never hide the key in common areas like door mattresses, vase etc
  • Make sure never leave a ladder in the garden area, which can lead to easy access to unlocked roof tops.
  • Always make your windows with impact resistant film. Home security alarm should always be attached with the window.
  • We like to show off things. Sometimes too much show off can lead to a burglary. Don’t keep very expensive things by the side of the window , which is very easily visible from the road.
  • In the door hinge you can put a long heavy metal rod or a screw for more safety.
  • It is often seen that the burglars hide behind the tall trees and keep an eye to your home. So make sue trim the trees once in a while.
  • Most important thing when you are going for a vacation inform the police about it. So they can check your property. They also provide free security evaluation

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