5 Easy Places To Hide Your Spare Keys



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If you suffer from the bad habit of misplacing your things, then losing your home keys is one big problem that you just cannot afford. Home keys imply not just your safety but it is also the safety and the security of your family members. You surely cannot put all that at stake just because of your ill habits or carelessness. However, in such situations, you need to have a very strong back up. When we say back up, it does not mean hiding your spare keys under your doormat just in case you lose the one that you carry all the time. That is way too obvious for anybody to understand. However, you need to get a lot more creative than this (hiding keys under the doormat) and think of options where you can hide the keys where nobody can even think a set of keys can exist.



5 Spots to Hide Your Spare Keys

  • In the Garden – An outsider will never think of looking for keys in the garden of your home. Who thinks of keeping spare keys in the garden? Nobody and that is why you will place them in your garden. But remember the spot where you are keeping the keys.
  • Stuff it in One of the Patio Cushions– Patio cushions are yet again another safe option. Stuffing it in your cushion is one of the most creative ways of hiding your spare keys. But in the midst of so many cushions, it is necessary that you remember in which cushion you are hiding your keys.
  • On Your Car – There is nothing creative about keeping your spare keys in the car. This is one of the most important places where you can keep your keys and most people prefer keeping it in their car. This is one option that you can also avail.
  • In the Dog House – This idea is yet again very creative. The primary reason being, a dog house is a nice place to keep your spare keys secure. No outsider would even dream of going near your pet dog. Hence through this process you would be able to protect your keys.
  • Under the Deck Stairs – Select a hard to reach spot in your deck and install a small hook there. This is a nice way of keeping your spare keys away from the prying eyes of outsiders. Always remember that this spot should not be conspicuous among people.

You can have your own inputs on the places where you can hide your keys as well along with the ones that we have provided above.

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